Torben Torp-Smith


   You are, of course, welcome, to this site. In it I have collected many (though certainly not all) of the artifacts of my life and work. And although this is a place where you can find out a little about myself, I have to say that all that you see and read here, not surprisingly, grows out of my contact, teaching, being taught, and memory of all the people and events of my life. If you know me already, you might see yourself reflected in these pages. If you don’t know me personally yet, then I hope that you might see yourself reflected here soon. 


    I have been making things ever since I can remember. The inter-connectedness of the world and its three (or more) dimensional quality constantly impresses itself on my thinking.   Shape, volume, mass, color, gravitational attraction expressed in spatial relationships, the way things interact; these are things that, somehow, just fascinate me.


    Naturally, I hope that you like what you see here,

but mostly, I just want to say WELCOME, and please check out my  resumé and my  Portfolio  that follows.



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