The Death of Klinghoffer - SFSU Design Class Project

From the elevated Captains bridge SR through the several deck levels to the red gangplank DSC, the curved backdrop, which transitions from the rusty plate steel hull SR to the huge translucent wave SL threatens to envelop the Achille Lauro and its passengers.


Designed for

SFSU Studio Theatre


Billy Budd - MFA thesis presentation

Benjamin Britten’s opera Billy Budd is presented on a cross-section of an armed Man-of-War as a metaphor for deck levels of class identity regulated by a rigid matrix of law and custom as the ship navigates through the fluid mediums of wind, waves and human reaction.

The suggestion of broken stone arches evokes a sense of Crete in days of Antiquity. Designed to be loaded in and out for every performance.

Lovers & Other Strangers

Designed for SFSU Little Theatre

2007 Spring Production

A farcical romp through human relationships in five New York apartments

Mozart’s The Abduction from the Seraglio reinterpreted in terms of a post-apocalyptic world without oil where drug lords hold sway and dabble in human trafficking. Designed for the Berkeley Opera Company and staged at the Julia Morgan Theatre in Berkeley, CA


Bird’s-Eye perspective view


Woyzek - SFSU Brown Bag Theatre 2006

The platform with the town houses rotates on a pin at the USR corner to reveal the country scene on the back.

Valpurgis Night

The Thieve’s Kitchen

Below: Oliver! - Marin Theatre Company - Summer Program 2007 -One of two shows. This set was based on four periaktoi. Each facet had a hinged panel that folded out allowing six scenes instead of three. Two reversible rolling window units raised the number of possible scenes to eight.

Performed at Mt. Tamelpais High School

London Bridge

The Three Cripples

Paddington Green

The Undertaker’s

The Workhouse

Faust’s Study - Finale

Scenes from Mephistopheles

SFSU Design Class Project

Designed with the Metropolitan Opera

in mind.



Albee - The American Dream

Stone Village Theatre - Jackson, MI

Shakespeare - The Tempest

Antioch Area Theatre -Yellow Springs, Ohio

Beckett - Waiting for Godot

Antioch Workshop Theatre

Weingarten - The Summer

Boldhus Teater - Copenhagen, Denmark

Pinter - The Caretaker

Antioch Workshop Theatre

For Mohamad Kowsar’s 2006 production of Buchner’s Danton’s Death I rigged the plumbing from the grid that spread dripping blood over the entire surface of this stage-wide guillotine blade that was lowered into view for the final scene

Teaching Stagecraft in 2009 in the San Francisco Bay Area for IATSE local 16

Faust’s Study - Act I

Below are some examples of renderings for early undergraduate and professional work

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Marin Theatre Company - Summer Program 2007 - Chateau la Roche

The lobby of a summer resort for a discerning clientele - and then - Roaches!

The window units also played in the other show of the season, Oliver!

Performed at Mt. Tamelpais High School

LaBute - Medea Redux

Bernard-Marie Kolte’s

In the Loneliness of the Cottonfields

Designed and built and painted for

Professor Mohamad Kowsar

San Francisco State University

May 2011


The tree in the yard for the play


by David Auburn

Directed by Ronnie Washington

San Francisco State University

Spring 2010

Built of steel rebar and gauze


Billy Budd


Benjamin Britten

Based on the story by Herman Melville

Designed for

MFA Thesis Project

Frankfurt Street

retractable broad sword with bladder for fake blood

daggers for stage combat

a dozen flintlock rifles for the military scenes

a pair of halberds

what it looks like

aluminum blades on flick knife grips for stage combat

restored stock and breach on antique Belgian shotgun

tommy guns for the gangsters

gondola stuff

manhole cover

chines style folding screen

masks and puppets

barrel for entrance from below

deco lamp

deco tea trolley

puppet theatre

various furniture below