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Design and installation,

PBS filming of Tony Bennett with k.d. lang

San Francisco, Fairmont Hotel Grand Ballroom,

30 piece orchestra, allow for dolly tracks.

Challenge: Create distinctive setting, on a budget, that respects existing architecture and mounts quickly without damaging anything.

Materials: Aluminum door screen & copper tube

Conceptual sketch showing

the fit to the architecture

Detail of center medallion of aluminum door screen and copper tubing

Construction Coordinator, Feature Film, Pacific Heights,

filmed on Potrero Hill, San Francisco

Challenge: Enhance Victorian elements of existing house, make it look old and then quickly restore it to original fresh painted look, create “wild-walls” in basement to match existing basement structure,

Design and installation

Live filming, Boz Scaggs, Greatest Hits

Great American Music Hall,

San Francisco

Challenge: Create extended stage setting, include audience on stage, recreate the look of the venue from the 20’s of twin stairs from balcony.

Diamond light backdrop.

Design and construction

Honda Civic Commercial, Colossal Pictures

San Francisco

Challenge: Create staging to resemble surface of barren earth, support automobile, and allow puppeteers to insert plant “puppets” that look like fully vegetated surface. “Puppets” were withdrawn from under staging and film was reversed so it looked like plants grew up around the car as though the car was the instigator of life and evolution

Build and install

Talk Show Set, KPIX, Channel 5

San Francisco

Challenge: Design structure and mechanics for background wall and circular interview set with attached motorized “satellite” stage for entertainment talent. “Satellite” stage rotated forward into camera field fully loaded with talent and gear.

Design, build, install

Comedy Club live filming

Great American Music Hall, San Francisco

Challenge: Create transportable replica of San Francisco Cable Car to work on extended stage as backdrop and entrance for comedy talent and do it, like everything else, within budget limits.

Design, build, install

Southwestern canyon environment for

Buffalo Thunder, Native American retail

Corte Madera, CA

Challenge: Create unique stucco representation of canyon walls with built in display cases, sky painted ceiling, custom display/register counter, arrow shaped cast bronze shelf supports, bronze tomahawk door handles, and custom bronze war shield exterior sign

Design, build, install

Custom trade show booth for O’neill Inc.

Challenge: Create water sportswear trade show booth to stand as unique “diner style” environment that packs efficiently, installs and breaks down quickly and, like all of our touring shows, withstands many miles of shipping by truck.


The news room at KRON Channel 4

San Francisco, CA

built and installed by

Nomad Productions

The news room at KPIX Channel 5

San Francisco, CA

built and installed by

Nomad Productions

Part of a street scene and a 30” long model of a ’64 Chevy designed and built for a

P. Diddy claymation video which was never released as far as I know

A talk show set built by Nomad Productions

for KPIX, channel 5 in San Francisco

Dromedary claymation figure designed and created for a Taiwanese commercial.

Portable 10’ x 10’ trade show booth designed and built for Joseph Anthony Candle Art