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At Nomad Productions I designed and we built the stage sets for the Bay Area Music Awards for at least six or seven years. This is my first one. Dick Bright and his Band of Delight on stage

The stage designer for the Bohemian Club asked us to build the set and design the rigging for a set for their yearly production of “the Low Jinks” at the Bohemian Grove. Creating headers that spanned 40’ and could rig to redwood trees without damaging them was a challenge

Here is a shot of the auditorium decor I designed for

San Francisco’s “Black and White Ball” in the late 80’s.

Transforming a warehouse space into a party scene for my clients Da Vinci Fusion and theirs, Silicon Graphics - photo courtesy of Da Vinci Fusion

Olmstead Productions asked me to design and build this 20’ tall representation of “The Axe” trophy for the 100th playing of “The Big Game” football rivalry between the University of California at Berkeley and Stanford University. This symbol of the trophy was rolled out to mid field during the presentation ceremonies. Here it is being loaded on the truck outside my shop.

Here, Scott Peterson and myself (on the right) are laughing as we wait to roll out another trophy replica, “the Vince Lombardi Trophy”, for Superbowl XIX at Stanford Stadium, Palo Alto,CA.

Bill Graham himself descended from the ceiling of the Oakland Coliseum at midnight dressed as a headhunter on this magic island (it was in the late 80’s)  Designed by Eleanor Hockabout, and built at Nomad Productions, I designed the structure of all the elements of the island. Note the aluminum door screen “clouds” under the island

Working at FM Productions, I designed and  built these two working Sushi Bars for International Diamond Corporation’s monster 4th of July bash  in 1980 at Fort Mason in

San Francisco

Another New Year (1990), another auditorium (The Cow Palace), I designed and built this biplane which was flown across the auditorium to the stage on a cable with the propeller turning and the drummer from Lynard Skynard (I believe it was Artimus Pyle) in the cockpit.

Here’s an oval bar replicating the feel of the Star Wars Cantina Bar for a party at Skywalker Ranch. Designed and built by myself for my clients Da Vinci Fusion - photo courtesy of Da Vinci Fusion

Also for Da Vinci Fusion, I designed and built this set and podium for the opening ceremonies at the 50th anniversary celebration of the founding of the United Nations.

Nutcracker Christmas lighting by Nomad Productions mounted on the corner of a building in

San Francisco’s Union Square

Movable Scenic elements designed for the 2005 Miss Chinatown USA Pageant at the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco. Built by Acme Scenery.

Watch the video of the building of the trophy at Nomad Productions courtesy of Scott Peterson


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