Some construction projects on the next page

Working Drawings - Hand drawn from the ‘80s,

Quick hand drawn sketches for a simple touring rock & roll set

Concept sketch for Tony Bennett - PBS Special

Topographical survey of two lots in Fairfax, California

These are some preliminary staging concept sketches for a set for

Long Day’s Journey Into Night

Wireframe bird’s-eye perspective of a set for


San Francisco State University

Ground Plan and perspective for

Lovers and Other Strangers

San Francisco State University

3D Vectorworks

Views of a set design for

The Death of Klinghoffer

San Francisco State University

3D Vectorworks

Just some 3D Vectorworks doodling

Proposal sketch for a Japanese bath design and installation project

Sightline study for a Berkeley Opera production of Aida

at the Julia Morgan Theatre,

Berkeley, CA

3D Vectorworks drawing of the

Metropolitan Opera

in preparation for my MFA Thesis project,

Benjamin Britten’s Billy Budd